Welcome to the SNO Leadership Institute where the Social Innovations Institute and Lab framework specifically teaches participants with an interest in working in the social sector how to create and maintain an adaptive and generative orientation to grapple with the complex social reality that challenges our world.  The Social Innovations Institute and Lab is designed for those who have a deep interest in the development, leadership, and management of the 4th Sector, where the boundaries between the public, government, private, and not-for-profit sectors are blurred as many pioneering organizations/entrepreneurs have been blending social and environmental aims with business approaches.

The SNO Leadership Institute is offered to the leadership of the Student Network Organization, both globally and locally.


  1. Provide the leadership of SNO and leadership of institutional/country chapters with the tools and capacity to design, launch, and/or grow a SNO Chapter. 
  2. Increase the entrepreneurial and innovation competencies and service models of participants resulting in developed and tested innovative products and services. 
  3. Create a culture of innovation/entrepreneurship leading to improved collaboration across SNO Chapters AND the design of new and existing service model improvements/enhancements.


Nicholas Torres, a seasoned Business, Healthcare, and Human Services Executive, brings over 25 years of C-suite leadership experience. Currently serving as the Interim President/CEO of The Alliance for Health Equity Foundation, he strategically supports The Network: Towards Unity for Health (TUFH), an official non-state actor of the World Health Organization. As the co-founder of Social Innovations Partners, Nicholas oversees the Social Innovations Awards and teaches nonprofit leadership at The Fels Institute. His expertise lies in aligning private, government, and not-for-profits for collective social impact. Nicholas has founded and led numerous initiatives, including international health associations, charter schools, health centers, and more, all driven by a commitment to social impact and systems change. His multifaceted career reflects a dedication to improving healthcare, education, and social outcomes through effective leadership and strategic collaboration.

Aricia De Kempeneer, M. Sc., serves as the Operations and Programming Director for The Network: Towards Unity For Health. Responsible for overseeing annual conferences, virtual regional conferences, TUFH Symposiums, Workshops, Academies, ISAT, iSTEP, Digital Aspects, Social Media, Newsletter, Communications, and Membership. Aricia also acts as the liaison to the Student Network Organization. Holding a Masters in Health Education and Promotion from Ghent University and a Bachelor in Midwifery from Erasmus Hogeschool, she practices as an independent midwife in Belgium, offering prenatal lessons, care, and postnatal follow-up. Aricia’s international experience includes midwifery roles in Gambia, Finland, the United Kingdom, and Belgium, emphasizing low-risk birthing units. A co-founder and inaugural president of the Student Network Organization in 2015, Aricia has actively participated in TUFH annual conferences since 2012.