Centers of Excellence Certification

By investing in the capacity of regions and countries, TUFH aspires to achieve its vision for local adoption and implementation on Social Accountability, Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Care, and Health Workers Competency Standards. 

TUFH Centers of Excellence (CEs) are parts of institutions such as universities and health institutions focused on health. CEs are an extension of TUFH in specified technical areas according to agreed upon Terms of Reference and a work plan. CEs support research, provide input to inform the development of guidance on TUFH technical areas of expertise. CEs support regional and/or national capacity building, provided technical advise, and help to disseminate information within the country/region. Institutions are identified by TUFH personnel based on the eligibility criteria listed below. 

Eligibility Criteria for Designation Formally established institutions that may be eligible for designation include parts of universities and health institutions. Parts of governments may also be eligible for designation. A designation is normally limited to the specific department, division, unit or other part that collaborates with TUFH. Eligible institutions can be public or private but should not be of a commercial or profit-making nature. Two or more separate institutions or separate branches of one institution in different locations can share a single designation as a TUFH CE. 

To be considered for designation as a TUFH CE, eligible institutions must fulfill all of the following criteria: 

  1. High scientific and technical standing at national and international levels;
  2. Prominent place in the country’s health, scientific or educational structures;
  3. High quality of scientific and technical leadership, and sufficient number of staff with high-level qualifications;
  4. Stability in terms of personnel, activity and funding;
  5. Strong working relationship with other institutions in the country, and at intercountry, regional and global levels;
  6. Clear ability, capacity and readiness to contribute, both individually and within networks, to TUFH program activities, whether in support of country programs or through participation in international cooperative activities; and
  7. Clear technical and geographical relevance of both the institution and its activities to TUFH’s program priorities.



  • GOAL 1: 15-20% of health professional education institutions in targeted countries will become Socially Accountable Institutions defined by completing an institutional assessment and certification process.
  • GOAL 2: 15-20% of of targeted medical, nursing, and allied health schools and health delivery systems in targeted countries will become Interprofessional and Collaborative Institutions defined by completing an institutional assessment and certification process.
  • GOAL 3: 15-20 % of targeted medical, nursing, and allied health schools and health delivery systems in targeted countries will incorporate standards of care for one or more health priority populations including: Indigenous Health, Migrant and Refugee Health, Remote and Rural Health, Elderly, and Complex Care for I/DD, Autism, Dementia, and Mental Health populations.

Apply to be a National or Regional Collaborating Center of Excellence

I understand that my Country Collaborating Center of Excellence will be an independent chapter of TUFH and be licensed to use and replicate TUFH’s services and products on a national or regional level. These include, but are not limited to, The Social Accountability Institutional and Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Care Institutional Self-Assessment, TUFH Academies, and TUFH Communities of Practice.(Required)
I understand that my institution will be required to pay an annual license fee ($5,000/low income countries; $10,000/middle income countries; or $15,000 high income countries) OR recruit a minimum of 10 Institutions who are not currently TUFH members to become TUFH Institutional Members. TUFH will either grant a country license or a regional (covering multiple countries) license. TUFH will reinvest the license fees into the adaptation and improvement of TUFH technical services and products, development of new services and products, and infrastructure to support ALL centers of excellence.(Required)
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