Mustapha Tukur Scholarship Fund

The Network: TUFH established the Mustapha Tukur Scholarship Fund in his memory as acting SNO President 2022-2023, when he suddenly passed away in 2023. Your donation will sponsor 1 or 2 students to attend the TUFH annual conference in person, where they get to present, network and learn. Your donation will also support the SNO International Exchange. The Exchange is an amazing opportunity for students to learn by doing at the hosting institutions and their community partners. Each Exchange is different as each hosting institution will create a specialized program for the intenational student to attend in study and practice. Your kind donation can change the lives and future of these student winners!

On this page we want to give a very warm thank you to everyone that has donated to the Mustapha Tukur Scholarship Fund!


  • David Marsh – TUFH Secretariat NOSM U
  • Teresa Marsh
  • Yvonne Ying
  • Amy Clithero-Eridon – TUFH Board Member
  • Susan Anne Waller
  • Aricia De Kempeneer – TUFH Operations and Programming Director
  • Siobhán Neville
  • William (Bill) Burdick  – TUFH Secretary General       


  • Roger Strasser – TUFH Advisory Board Member
  • Sarah Strasser – TUFH Advisory Board Member
  • Nicholas Torres – TUFH Executive Director
  • John Gilbert – TUFH Advisory Board Member
  • David Bor – TUFH Advisory Board Member
  • Prattama Santoso Utomo – TUFH Advisory Board Member
  • Amy Clithero-Eridon  – TUFH Board Member
  • Toyese Oyeyemi – TUFH Advisory Board Member
  • Björg Pálsdóttir  – TUFH Board Member
  • William Burdick – Secretary General
  • Rabia Khan – TUFH Board Member
  • Lionel Green-Thompson – TUFH Vice Secretary General
  • Erin Drummond
  • Tine Hansen-Turton – Secretariat WOODS
  • David and Teresa Marsh – TUFH Advisory Board Member 
  • Riitta Partanen
  • Sailaja Musunuri – Secretariat WOODS
  • Mary A Scott
  • Kelly A Lackie
  • ID Couper

Here you can learn more about past exchanges