Policy Fellows -2020

TUFH Policy Fellows join TUFH’s institutes which are committed to addressing the needs of the globes most vulnerable populations by creating communication and knowledge sharing e-learning platforms for global and national interprofessional and intersectoral communities of practice that build each participants respective capacity. TUFH’s Institute includes 3 components:

1. Knowledge Sharing: Global Thought Leaders share their knowledge and expertise through curated 10-15 minute lecture videos and carefully selected relevant published articles

2. Case Based Learning: Practitioners will share their experience through 3-5-minute case study videos and 2-3 page case study application articles.

3. Communities of Practice: Global Thought Leaders and Practitioners will convene monthly, via Zoom Software leveraging interactive video technology, to mutually learn resulting in improved global and country policies and health services delivered from local people they know and trust.

TUFH Policy Fellows will join one of the TUFH Institutes powered by TUFH Taskforces including: Social Accountability and Accreditation; Interprofessional Education/Practice and Team Based Care; Population Health; Women’ s Health; Migrant and Refugee Health; Indigenous Health; Remote and Rural Health; Community-Based Primary Health Care; and Complex System Thinking.

TUFH Policy Fellows will co-author, guided by the chairs of each TUFH Taskforce, a policy action paper to be submitted for publication to TUFH’s MEDLINE indexed journal, Education for Health.

Brian Valdez
Danning Chen
Farah Shroff
Isabelle Luzuriaga
Julia Lechuga
Mengchun Zhou
Odey Goodness Ogeyi
Samar Ahmed
Ephraim Kumi Senkyire
Sun-Ming Jessica Pan
Toyese Oyeyemi
Titi Savitri
Yassein Elhussein
Yi Li