Policy Fellows - 2021

The Network Towards Unity for Health (TUFH) is committed to addressing the needs of the most vulnerable populations by creating communication and knowledge sharing e-learning platforms for global and national interprofessional and intersectorial communities of practice that build each participant respective capacity. TUFH does this by hosting the TUFH Institutes and courses composed of three components.

TUFH 2021 Fellows will join either the TUFH Leadership Academies, Student Academies (iSTEP) or one of the TUFH Institutes powered by TUFH Taskforces including: Social Accountability Assessment and Verification; Interprofessional Education/Practice and Team Based Care; Population Health; Women’ s Health; Migrant and Refugee Health; Indigenous Health; or Remote and Rural Health.

TUFH 2021 Fellows will design and create, guided by the Chairs of each Working Group and/or Taskforce, a TUFH International, Interprofessional, and Intersectoral asynchronous or synchronous health course.

Beatriz Manuel
Sajida Agha
Irene Nampewo
Bürge Atılgan
Estery Di Vito
Charlie E. Labarda
Christian Chinyere Ezeala
Glory Nja
Jyotsna Rimal
Aarthy Ramasamy
Rasnayaka M Mudiyanse
Fasikawit Engida
Alejandro Avelino Bonilla
Gladson Vaghela
Simone Appenzeller
Clarence J. Samuel
Anita Chatterjee
Mina Tanaka
Sivan Yegnanarayana Iyer Saraswathy
Elhadi Miskeen
Asgad Ahmed
Marcela Araújo de Oliveira Santana
Sheeba Kunjukrishnan Retnabai
Nikolaj Hansen Turton
Nanditha Sujir