The Network: TUFH commits to the TUFH 2022 Declaration

The Network: TUFH had staff members and representatives actively engage in creating the TUFH 2022 Declaration.

In 2022 during the four Virtual Regional Conferences, regional representatives from TUFH were involved in brainstorming and finalizing the preparational work for the TUFH 2022 Pre-Conference Day and Declaration.

At the TUFH 2022 Pre-Conference Day, The Network: TUFH has representatives and staff members that actively engaged and participated in the creation of the TUFH 2022 Declarartion: The Vancouver Vision.

Based on the declaration, The Network: TUFH makes the following commitments to achieve the joint themes and dreams for 2032:

TUFH will create links within institutions

TUFH will organize conferences  around ecosystem themes

TUFH will host academies teaching the skills of how to convene intersectoraly

TUFH will host academies teaching how to effect change

TUFH will host academies focused on underserved communities

TUFH will use the TUFH Online Community (tufh.org) as sharing platform where all can share publications, stories and projects (communications in collective impact)

TUFH will look to support shared measurement system in collective impact

TUFH will commit to focus on the TUFH 2022 Declaration: The Vancouver Vision at the TUFH 2032 Annual Conference