Forward in Concert

In response to the TUFH 2022 Declaration: The Vancouver Vison we are encouraging all TUFH members and their networks to make concrete commitments in lign with the appreciative inquiry approach that will step towards implementing the aspects from the themes and dreams within the declaration.

Below you can find all institutions that have committed to make a change on an organizatinal level to get to our joint dreams in 2032.

Each organization is invited to review the declaration and come up with it’s own particular commitments that fit under one or more of the themes. The intent of TUFH 2022 was to connect the village to the globe, please consider how your institution achieves community involvement.
If your institution wishes to also commit, please create your own commitment page and link to this website page.
You can provide us with your logo and website link (to your commitment page – see examples below) in the form below to sign up.

Organizations that have committed to the TUFH 2022 Declaration

If you have any questions please send an e-mail to secretariat@thenetworktufh.org