TUFH Symposium - Understanding Population Activities, Community Empowerment, and Mobilization

04novAll DayTUFH Symposium - Understanding Population Activities, Community Empowerment, and Mobilization

Event Details

November 4th, 2021 12:30 PM TO 01:30 PM UTC TIME

Event Description:

Community empowerment, and mobilization are areas of innovative intervention. This TUFH symposium is designed for faculty, health professionals, and health allied students who intend to implement and evaluate health projects in their communities.
Understanding community activities, community empowerment, and mobilization are essential health issues that determine community response and the social determinants of health. 
By building capacity through participation and transfer of skills, communities take responsibility for identifying problems, prioritizing needs, mobilizing resources, negotiating, planning, implementing and evaluating activities.

Outcomes for Participants:

By the end of this TUFH Symposium, the participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the importance of participation in community empowerment. 
  2. Identify your strengths and weaknesses relative to the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for promoting community participation and community empowerment.
  3. Give examples of problems or situations that a community might resolve on their own and list these
  4. Give examples of problems or situations to resolve that require the community to coordinate with or seek technical assistance or support from another community, government agency, or national or international NGO or institution.

The symposium will be presented in three parts: 

  1. Community empowerment – mobilization
  2. Factors influencing the internal power and external empowerment
  3. Improving Community-Based Prevention 

We recommend you read the following article prior to the event:

Laverack G. Improving health outcomes through community empowerment: a review of the literature. Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition. 2006 Mar 1:113-20.: HERE

Bio of Presenters:

Dr. Elhadi Miskeen, MBBS, MD, FAIMER, TUFH
Assistant prof. at faculty of medicine and safe motherhood institute University of Gezira, Sudan. FAIMER fellow 2020 at ASU MEA FRI – FAIMER regional institute 

Yassein Elhussein, MBBS
University of Gezira, Sudan
Former president of the Student Network Organization (SNO) 

Doaa Wael Mohamed Elgendy  
Sixth year medical student Ain Sham University, faculty of medicine, Egypt 




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All Day (Thursday) 12:30 TO 01:30 PM UTC TIME(GMT+00:00)