Impact of Policies and Environment at Home, in Community, in Nations and around the Globe on the Wellness of Women

26aug1:00 pm2:00 pmImpact of Policies and Environment at Home, in Community, in Nations and around the Globe on the Wellness of Women

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Around the world more women than men lack wellness as they suffer from more health issues because of their body functions, ‘Physiological’,  which sometimes become ‘Pathological’ too, due to various reasons, some preventable, some not, so even in modern days. While gender equity is required, there is gender inequality. This adds to women’s suffering. And their lack of wellness is further fueled by policies and the environment around their lives from ‘Home to the world’.   
Even in modern days in some countries, women’s sufferings start with female gamete blocked in in-vitro fertilization. Female feticide and infanticide continue.  This is with or without a woman’s consent due to family policies, the environment around. Girls have more school dropouts for the care of siblings or household chores. In rural regions, Biomass fuel use at home also affects their health. In the community they live in, so many factors affect well-being, alcohol, substance abuse,  physical as well as sexual violence at home, at workplaces. At workplaces, there may be nonavailability of Breastfeeding areas, Toilets, exposure to Pesticides, even during pregnancy.
Many times policies made for good of women in mind have fallacies. An example is a national scheme made in India for financial support for a safe birth, all good intentions, but Unwed pregnant girls who needed more support were not eligible, increasing their sufferings. American Global Gag rule, made earlier and also in recent past came in the way of safe induced abortions in many countries, affecting their wellness, fortunately, has been removed. It is essential that there is a critical look and brainstorming on various aspects which need to be looked into, enablers and facilitators, and challenges for wellness. While there are challenges in removing barriers, a special need is to try more enablers if women have to live life with wellness which they must, as their basic right.  

Outcomes for participants:

Outcomes for Participants:
At the end of the session, the participants will be able to have brainstormed on the theme for getting ideas that should lead to recommendations for implementations of effective strategies for promoting healthy life with wellness for women around the globe.

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