Integrating Medicine & Public Health

Goal of the Taskforce

To promote the integration of medicine and public health by identifying and making available appropriate curricula in teaching health sciences and/or guidance for the practice of health care strategies including integration.

The aims of the Taskforce

The Network: TUFH membership and professionals involved in the teaching and/or practice of health sciences that have a population health perspective.

Important Achievements of the Task Force

a) since its creation in 2003, the taskforce organized mini-workshops, poster sessions and taskforce meetings in most of the Annual Conferences of the Network: TUFH aiming to exchange experiences and recommendations on Integration and attended by many participants from different countries;
b) a comprehensive Position Paper on “Integrating Medicine and Public Health” was formulated and included in the website, which is been used by Network: TUFH members as well as professionals worldwide outside the Network: TUFH;
c) a Second Report on Approaches of Integration and Role of Education in Integration compiled by taskforce members was distributed by the website;
d) in the Colombia Annual Conference (2008), a flyer promoting and providing links about Integration was distributed to Deans of Medical Schools;
e) one of the activities was related to an advanced  plan for the integration of mother and child services in Huambo, Angola, which couldn’t be consolidated because lack of funds.

Future objectives of the taskforce

a) to develop a network sharing the description, analysis and discussion of the conceptual and methodological dimension of Integrating Medicine and Public Health within each taskforce member’s institution;
b) to develop documents and teaching activities (modules) about Integration of health services with a community orientation, to be used at academic institutions of different health professions;
c) to explore mechanisms that could maintain the very intense activities before and during the Annual Conferences also in periods between the Conferences.