Vision of the Student Network Organization

The Student Network Organization (SNO) is an independent organizing body within The Network: TUFH aiming to promote student participation in processes of ultimate health care’s construction. SNO open spaces in order to strengthen students’ interests, regardless of their area of expertise, on public health issues from a local, regional and international level, trough interdisciplinary collaboration between partners, with opportunities to interact with professors, peers and public health professionals currently working in their field of interest, establishing networks and surrounded by a friendly and familiar environment.

We will meet this goal through:

  • Supporting students with abstract submission and preparing for presentations
  • Providing an pre-conference orientation session for all students
  • Offers career development opportunities through integrated participation in The Network TUFH annual conferences.
  • Provides students with opportunities to engage in professional and social activities to nurture a sense of community service, health advocacy, and active involvement in Local, Regional and Global issues pertaining to health.
  • Facilitates connections between Universities, Organizations, Civil Societies and Nongovernmental Organizations with shared visions and students encouraging cross collaboration on projects, mentorship and internships.
  • Increase student participation by encouraging every University partner of
    The Network TUFH to bring at least 1 student.
  • Stimulate discussions and link students with multi-disciplinary groups to address health inequities locally and globally
  • Providing social networking opportunities with other students around the world
  • Stimulate student participation by encouraging every university partner of The Network: TUFH to bring at least one student
  • Bringing fresh perspectives to each conference; by providing materials to post‐conference students to recruit new students to apply and attend next years’ conference.