SNO Elections

Each year there will be an application and selection process during The Network: TUFH conference to select next years’ SNO EC members, Regional and National Representatives. This way all students get an opportunity to be a SNO-member and get the experience of working in an interdisciplinary team.

Requirements to postulate:
 Must have attended a The Network, TUFH conference (except manager of local team)
 Must be a student/just graduated (Less than 1 year).
 Present something during the conference (poster, workshop, etc…)
 Understand, speak and write English
 Be able to give time to SNO and be able to attend next year’s conference.

Each applicant for the new SNO leadership team will be evaluated from 1 to 5 (1: Inadequate 2: Sufficient 3: Satisfactory 4: Good 5: Excellent) by the current SNO EC following these characteristics:
1. Proficiency in speaking and writing in English.
2. Ability to keep deadlines and attend all meetings.
3. Gives constant input/suggestions/ideas.
4. Strong leadership experience.
5. Ability to lead a discussion.
6. Ability to delegate tasks as they arise.
7. Commitment to SNO objectives and purpose.
8. Decisiveness.
9. Highly organized.
10. Social, friendly and approachable

The applicant with the highest score will be selected.

NOTE: The new President will be selected 2 months before the conference among the current
EC members following the same 10 characteristics.

You can be part of the team!