Student Projects for Health
The Student Projects for Health competition is supported by GEMx—a global network for educational exchange in medicine and the health professions—and FAIMER, and will be a feature of The Network: Towards Unity for Health (TUFH). The Student Projects for Health competition recognizes students who have made outstanding contributions to projects that successfully promote community health and well-being. It is open to all undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled in any course of study who have been participating in such projects. Up to 20 winners will be selected and more than one student from the same project may be selected, so all key contributors are encouraged to apply. Each application will require an endorsement by a faculty member closely associated with the project.

Applications will be considered by a distinguished group of international reviewers with a wide variety of expertise in health professions education. They will base their ratings on:

1. Degree of innovation
How novel or creative is the approach taken in this project?
How well does it build upon the work of others to extend or deepen
the concept?

2. Degree of applicant’s participation
How much time and effort has the applicant contributed to the design, implementation, or continuation of the project?

3. Sustainability of project
How likely is this project to be sustained? How effectively are the factors to sustain it built into the design?

4. Impact of project
How has the project made an impact on the health of the community? How strong is the evidence of impact?

5. Diffusion of project
How well has the project been communicated and extended to students in other departments, faculties, countries?

Winners will be invited to attend the conference and present their projects. The award includes a travel grant of $2,000 and free conference registration.
Website from last year:

Contact person:
William P. Burdick, M.D., M.S.Ed.
Vice President for Education
Co-Director, FAIMER Institute

Stella Mini-Grant
The Stella Mini-Grant is a grant to finance a small-scale community project, aiming to improve equitable health care. The goal of The Network: TUFH is to foster equitable community-orientated health service, education, research and policy. Therefore, the focus of the project can be one of these four areas.

The Stella Mini-grant is available in three categories:
– € 100 – 500
– €500 – 1000
– €1000 – 1500

Formal Requirements:
You belong to an institution that is a member of The Network: TUFH. Individual members cannot apply for the Stella Mini-Grant Students can also apply for a Stella Mini-Grant if they are studying at an institution that is a member of The Network: TUFH. In that case, an academic staff member will also need to support the application.

The application is signed by the head of the academic department, faculty or institution that is a member of The Network: TUFH.

Scientific Requirements
An international jury shall assess your project proposal on the following criteria:
• Duration of your project: 6 months to 1 year
• The objectives of the project should be in line with the goals of The Network. Therefore, you need to select an area in which you want to develop your actions. This area can be health service, health education, health research or health policy.
• Benefit to the community: how is your project going to improve the health of your community? Describe background, SMART objectives and methodology.
• Sustainability: How is your project going to be sustainable, after the end of the project? What kind of follow-up is necessary to maintain the project’s outcome,…
• Budget: Give a full budget proposal of your project. Note that costs for transportation and accommodation cannot exceed 30% of the overall budget. Double funding via other organizations or grants is NOT allowed.
• Report submission: requested reports should be submitted in due time, on completion, providing images, or any written, graphic material to illustrate the activities and outcomes of the project.

Fill out the Stella Mini-Grant Application Form and e-mail it to

Website from last year

Look for your own funding by asking your university/professors.
Raise money with a car wash, bake sale, dinner party,…