Student Network Organization (SNO)

Welcome to the Student Network Organization (SNO). As someone who has been attending The Network: TUFH conferences, I can assure you of having a valuable and unregrettable experience as a student and a future professional.

As student’s great opportunities abound for us in every conference of The Network: TUFH to participate among peers as well as professionals. You will be opportune to learn and speak before an international community of students and professionals from diverse professions different countries and culture. You will also get experience presenting a poster; give a talk or workshop in English.

It’s time to work on your networking skills and get to know your future colleagues from around the world and create possibilities for yourself as well as working inter-professionally on projects with students and professionals.

Our e-mail is or reach us at You can also reach us by contacting our Public Relations Officer at or at +63917 8929 597.

Please feel free to contact us, we are here for you!

I hope to see you at the conference in Tunisia in April 2017!!


Jonathan Musa Dangana

President, Student Network Organization