The Network: TUFH, a nonprofit organization in official relationship with the World Health Organization (WHO), believes in the power of connecting institutions, organizations, and individuals to foster innovative solutions to the world’s health care challenges. Members can connect and collaborate via our new members-only Online Community, as well as meet face-to-face at the international meetings held each year in a different WHO region, where they become inspired by the multi-institutional projects geared towards improvement of community health. Today, The Network: TUFH has over 200 dues-paying member institutions, organisations and individuals, with the vast majority from developing countries.

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You can join as an individual, institutional or student member.
Depending on your country, you will be further defined as Low Income, Middle Income or High Income.
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Institutions can select up to eight members to receive the benefits of membership, including discounted conference fees, monthly alerts with groundbreaking news from the field, and access to the Online Community!


Individuals benefit greatly from membership with access to professional development opportunities, scholarship, and the ability to network and connect with new colleagues!


Students enjoy complimentary membership with The Network: TUFH. We believe students are the future of healthcare and are provided with mentors, given leadership training, and contribute significantly to the conversation about global healthcare.

 Benefits of Membership

  • Mutual Assistance. Active co-operation and support among members is one of the most important functions of The Network: TUFH. Collaborative activities range from consultations at the individual level to externally funded, longitudinal, multi-institutional cooperative projects.
  • Annual Meeting Discount. The annual Network: TUFH conference offers a warm, collegial atmosphere, provides opportunities for collaboration, and stimulates new ideas. It is held in a different WHO region each year.
  • Electronic Alerts, highlighting important news in the field of education and health.
  • The Network: TUFH Newsletter provides current news on member institutions, regional activities, and future events.
  • Education for Health is the official journal of The Network: TUFH. A peer-reviewed, MEDLINE indexed, free online journal, EfH is committed to helping new authors publish their work.

Membership Fees

Membership fees are adjusted for country income, as set by the World Bank. You can view the list here.
If your country is in the 2 first coloms, you have to select Low Income. If your country is in the last two coloms, you have to select Middle Income. If your country is not on the list, you have to select High Income.

Membership Fees:

Institutional member High Income 620 USD
Middle Income 380 USD
Low Income 135 USD
Individual member High Income 80 USD
Middle Income 65 USD
Low Income 45 USD
Student member All countries Free

*NOTE: Refunds are not available for membership fees, absent extenuating circumstances.

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As a member, you can join the Online Community of The Network: Towards Unity for Health (TUFH).  By logging into the Community, you will be able obtain education resources, discuss developments in education, participate in committees and interest groups, and find collaborators. Click below to join or renew and/or access the online community!
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