Stella Mini Grant


Stella Dhondt was born on September 9, 2011, surrounded by highly trained health care workers, in the best health care facilities possible. Unfortunate, not every child comes into this world in the same circumstances, with every chance on a healthy and prosperous life.
The Stella Mini-Grant came to life by numerous donations from people who wanted to celebrate Stella’s birth in an alternative way: contribute to community-oriented health care, based on equity.


The Stella Mini-Grant is a grant to finance (up to 1500 EURO) a small-scale community project, aiming to improve equitable health care. The goal of The Network: TUFH is to foster equitable community-orientated health service, education, research and policy. Therefore, the focus of the project can be one of these four areas.


From the numerous applications we received grants were awarded by the international review committee, based on the community orientation, feasibility, sustainability and scienfitic approach.

The winners of the 2012 Stella Mini Grant:

  • Anna Sharmie Quezon from the University of the Philippines Manila, College of Medice: “Kalusugan, Kaunlaran” (Health and Development) Program: Community Health Worker Training.
  • Amal Khalil, Ashraf Ahmed and Khalifa Elmusharaf from the University of Medical Sciences and Technology, Reproductive and Child Health Research Unit.

The winner of the 2013 Stella Mini Grant:

  • Martha Kirabo from Makerere University, College of Health Sciences: Promotion of long term family planning methods by women in Panyango Subcounty (Nebbi district – West Nile region).

Who Can Apply

  • Individuals must be from an institution that is a member of The Network: TUFH
  • Anyone, including students, faculty, staff or others, affiliated with a Network: TUFH institutional member organization may apply
  • The applications must be endorsed by the head of the academic department, faculty or institution.
  • Fill out the Stella Mini-Grant Application Form

Selection Criteria

An international committee shall assess your project proposal on the following criteria:

  • How well aligned is the project with the goals of The Network: TUFH?
  • How clear are the objectives of the project?
  • How likely is the project to improve the health of the community?
  • What provisions have been made to increase likelihood of sustainability?
  • How will achievement of objectives and impact be measured?



During the course of your project, we require the following reports and collaboration from the grantees:

  • An intermediate report, no later than one month after the first half of the project, using the Stella Mini-Grant Evaluation Form
  • A final report, no later than one month after the end date of the project, using the Stella Mini-Grant Evaluation Form
  • Guidance from an experienced colleague/mentor


  • The grantees are required to submit a one-page summary article, no later than one month after the end date of the project, portions of which will be published in The Network: TUFH Newsletter.