Every year, The Network: Towards Unity For Health organizes its annual meeting, together with one of its member institutions.

Our aim is to visit a different country within the six regions each year, which results in an impressive list of conference locations throughout the years. By doing so, we want to give the opportunity to as many participants as possible to attend the conference, and to experience the unique atmosphere of a Network: TUFH conference.
The Network: TUFH conferences intend to cater for the learning needs of all participants, experienced, just graduated, or students! Therefore, the conference format is dominated by interactive sessions, such as thematic poster sessions, mini-workshops, didactic sessions and PEARL-sessions. Because the conferences are visited by participants from over forty countries, they provide a most stimulating opportunity for exchange of ideas and experiences. The Network: Towards Unity For Health also stimulates in different ways the active participation of students.
Next year, join us in beautiful Limerick, Ireland for our 2018 annual meeting! Please check back for more information. In the meantime, read our Tunis Declaration from our most recent World Summit on Social Accountability below! Also, check out the and abstract book from the World Summit, also below.